Dîner en Blanc

Dressed from head to toe in white, we made our way to the Newmarket Train Station where we began our mystery adventure with a crowd of strangers. Coaches dropped by and a sea of white piled in, eagerly waiting to see the secret location for the night. 

A 15 minute bus ride led us to the beautiful Pah Homestead at Monte Cecilia Park, a little sweet hideaway up the hill, where a short walk from the carpark to a flight of stairs led to a historic house with an air of grandeur and garden shrouded by trees.

White chairs and tables popped up in organised rows provided a spectactular setting for our grazing table. Against the white backdrop the Platter and Graze grazing really stole the show with a beautiful spread of many colours and favours.

The sparklers lit the night and we danced the night away! See you there next year - we can't wait!