About Us

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We are two besties from Auckland who have found a mutual love for creating memories through our travels, weekend getaways and of course putting together platters of beautiful food inspired by our surroundings wherever we happen to be. We want to share the art of arranging beautiful colours and shapes that you can eat. Happy eyes and happy bellies! Besides, we have so much fun creating colourful spreads, we would love to make your life easier by doing it for you.

Platter and Graze rests on the idea of putting together tasty, fresh and easy - no fuss spreads for your tables, picnic blankets, parties, celebrations, dates, weddings...whatever the occasion. Food has such an arresting ability to help set the tone of a place or event where moments and stories are created and Platter and Graze sets out to do just that - help you set the scene for your next event to make it that much more special!

Ying & Grace